Healthy Body Concept

Effective weight loss and metamorphosis treatment

What is the Healthy Body Concept?

  • A holistic approach to health according to over 30 years of practice by Dr. Jean-Bernard Delbe - CONCEPT VITAL
  • Guiding you throughout the period of shaping a new figure
  • A wholesome diet, without counting calories
  • A healthy lifestyle and good eating habits

What does the treatment look like?



All people can go through this phase, regardless of their weight and well-being.

Many of us live in a rush, often not providing the body with enough nutrients.

And nowadays we are "doomed to supplement" because the quality of food leaves much to be desired. Obesity, overweight and many other body dysfunctions result from an incorrect lifestyle.

For example, stress is the greatest cause of acidification of the body, which manifests itself in various ailments and pains.

At this stage, therefore, we focus on "repairing the functioning of the body" in order to prepare it properly for the reduction phase. You can diversify this phase with additional products according to your own needs.



At the second stage, we further nourish the body and use products from the first stage.

However, we are introducing whole foods with low calories and replacing them with 2 meals a day.

By limiting the number of calories, we still provide the body with 100% of the daily nutrient requirements. In this phase, we focus on burning fat while maintaining muscle mass.

The high effectiveness of our treatment has been proven in clinical trials.

What is worth noting, when replacing a normal meal, we save for it.



According to our philosophy, one of the most important elements of losing weight is the stabilization of the body's work after the reduction phase. In order to avoid the yo-yo effect, the body needs time to get used to the new weight and to remember it.

During this time, we focus on further rebuilding the body, firming the skin and getting used to new, healthy habits.

The products can be used freely, depending on the needs and preferences.

After this stage, if you still need to gain weight, you can move on to Phase I or II again in consultation with your tutor.


The highest quality

We use products with patents and certificates from well-known institutions, based on natural ingredients and innovative technologies.



We take care of our own health, that of our loved ones and those around us. We reach the sources of nature and a holistic approach to the body. And what is more valuable than health ...


Our programs and products have been primarily verified for effectiveness and safety.



Our team controls the entire course of the treatment. As part of the package, you also receive our support and a large dose of motivation on the way to your better health!

The most important aspects of the treatment

Where do our products come from?

We buy products for our treatment at the source, from one of the best producers of dietary supplements, a company with 35 years of experience on the market.

Business LR it is the only one with a unique Fresenius certificate for its flagship products - aloe vera gel and Colostrum (bovine colostrum). It also has other patents and certificates for many of its products, and cooperates with research institutions.

Additionally, as the only MLM company, it belongs to the prestigious association of premium brands in the cosmetics industry - VKE Kosmetikverband. Check it out here .

What are the costs and what do I pay for?

Free management and control of body weight composition

With a standard dietitian, you pay for almost every contact and for every material provided.

It is all here with us for free .

In the Concept, you only pay for the products you use. You don't have to worry about cooking according to the schedule. Our diet is extremely easy to apply, and if you want, we can help.

For breakfast and dinner you get products that take less than 1 minute to prepare.

What is the effectiveness of the treatment?

Foundations of the Healthy Silhouette Concept

Do you know the saying " You are what you eat "?

We prefer to stick to the saying of Dr. Jean-Bernard Delbe " You are what you absorb ".

One of our flagship products is Aloe, which has been marked with: in Fresenius certificate.

Do you know why it is called a miracle of nature? You will learn these and other foundations of our treatment in an hour-long video from our webinar (you can find it below the "FAQ" section).

What products do we use in treatment?

The highest quality on the market confirmed by certificates and tests

We are the only company on the market that has the Fresenius Certificate for our aloe vera gels and for Colostrum. This certificate guarantees the highest quality at every production stage and is awarded to only one company for a given type of product. And if a company loses such a certificate once, it will not get it a second time.

Our partners' metamorphoses

People who undergo our treatment not only regain a healthy and better appearance of their figure, but also become ambassadors and partners of our Concept. They regain self-confidence, a more attractive appearance and raise their standard of living by working with us!

Take advantage of Healthy Body Concept

Confirmed quality


"This program is amazing !!! I competed in the weight of 96 kg. I had very bad results with my body water and other important metrics. At the moment, I already weigh 80.6 kg and all parameters are in good order: In addition, since I used the KZS program, I feel very good both physically and mentally;) I highly recommend it !!! "

Krzysztof Borowiec

Currently, he is a promoter and advisor to the KZS

"After pregnancies, I gained 20 kg. I always tried to lose weight in the spring, but unfortunately nothing came of it. It was hard with diet and exercise because I don't have time for it. I reconciled with my figure. I found it hereditary. However, I let the Healthy Body Concept persuade me to go through the program. The result surprised me a lot. I can recommend everyone with all my heart to try it at least once. The effects will be visible and felt. Less kilos, more energy, skin condition improvement, muscle pain and pain in feet and hands disappeared."

Renata Lazurek

Currently an advisor and promoter of the KZS

"Diet is a lifestyle, not a temporary constraint."