Healthy Skin Concept

A step to a beautiful and radiant complexion

What is the Healthy Skin Concept?

HSC is a comprehensive approach to skin care based on many years of experience and traditional Korean skin care rituals. We will help you normalize the condition of your skin by using the properties of active ingredients contained in skin care cosmetics.

It should be remembered that each complexion is different and has different needs, so the basis of the treatment is to focus on its problems and solve them by using properly selected products on a regular basis.


Our skincare treatment benefits:
  • firming
  • restoration of the natural glow
  • thorough cleaning
  • moisturizing the deep layers of the skin
  • restoring the proper pH of the skin
  • rebuilding the hydrolipid barrier
  • smoothing out wrinkles
  • providing the skin with the necessary nutrients

    What is this care about?

    Why is choosing the right care so important? All skin problems such as dryness, oily skin or acne are often caused by the excess or deficiency of certain ingredients in daily care. In addition, the situation of our skin is not improved by the lack of proper knowledge and attention to care.



    1. Determine the type of your skin and adjust the care to it
    2. In care, pay attention to your lifestyle
    3. Choose high-quality cosmetics
    4. Remember about caring "from the inside"
    5. Observe the condition of your skin and respond to its needs
    6. Do not use peels too often (max. 1-2 times a week)
    7. Do not wash your face with soap and water
    8. Watch out for micro skin lesions
    9. Do not expect effects after one use of the product (the first effects are visible after 2-3 weeks of conscious care)
    10. Use multi-stage care (there is no one universal cosmetic that fulfills many functions at the same time

    Skin types



    • Seems thin and delicate, has lines and wrinkles, is flaky, can be irritated, ages faster, is less resistant to environmental factors
    • It is accompanied by a feeling of tightness, tingling, itching and discomfort
    • Occurs on the face and / or body (lower limbs)
    • It often occurs in diabetics, people with thyroid diseases, allergies, and seniors
    • It requires intensive nutrition, hydration and protection


    • Uneven in color, earthy, often calloused, thick, oily, glows, gets dirty quickly, enlarged pores and acne lesions, ages slower
    • Resistant to weather conditions
    • Aggressive care - strongly degreasing, it can dehydrate and sensitize it
    • It affects teenagers, sometimes it turns into acne-prone skin, and in adults it turns into combination skin, also characteristic of men
    • It is worth remembering: removing blackheads and inflammatory lesions on your own may aggravate the problem, spread bacteria within the skin and prolong the healing of skin lesions
    • It requires hydration, regulation of sebum secretion and removal of impurities


    • It has the so-called T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) resembling oily skin and dry skin on the cheeks
    • It is difficult to care for - it combines the features of two different complexions with different needs, cosmetics available on the market labeled as for normal and combination skin "or, for combination and oily skin" may not be sufficient for the care of the cheeks of combination skin, so it is best to use 2 different creams
    • It occurs in young people and adults
    • Sensitive to cosmetics and weather conditions
    • It requires hydration and nourishment without weighing down, removing impurities and protecting


    • It already appears approx. 25 years of age (meaging)
    • Mimic wrinkles arise as a result of intense facial expressions, they become permanent over time, and with age the skin loses its firmness and the face oval is disturbed
    • Skin aging is a genetically and hormonally controlled process, as well as environmental influences and lifestyle
    • Total care: nourishment - moisturizing - anti-wrinkle action - serums and masks - special preparations for the neck and décolleté
    • Planning of comprehensive care with supplementation according to the principle "the sooner the better".


    • There are numerous pustules, papules and blackheads.
    • The spots are usually red or pink, with a purulent "head" in their center.
    • The lumps are painful to touch and are usually hidden under the skin. There is a red, bulging spot on its surface
    • Blackheads (blackheads) are small black or brown dots that fill the opening of the sebaceous glands
    • The skin is oily and sticky to the touch due to excess sebum, i.e. sebum
    • It requires intensive cleansing, soothing inflammation , regular peels (max. 1 a week), nourishing and moisturizing with light creams


    • Delicate, thin, prone to irritation, accompanied by redness, a feeling of tension, itching
    • It reacts badly to weather conditions, cosmetics, stress and stimulants
    • It should not be confused with allergic skin, as sensitivity may apply to anyone who has used an irritating product. On the other hand, skin allergy is associated with an intense reaction of the immune system, which is characteristic of people with such a predisposition
    • You should use delicate cosmetics, preferably one series, fragrance-free, tested

    What is your skin type - test

    Do the test and check what your skin type is. It is necessary to properly select tailored care, thanks to which you will achieve a great effect and your skin will be moisturized, nourished and radiant!

    Kits for specialized skin care


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    Active ingredients and their properties


    It is said that Cleopatra was supposed to benefit from its caring properties. Our grandmothers used it as a home remedy for various types of burns, wounds or bites.

    Aloe is a real boon for the skin:

    • cleans
    • smoothes
    • moisturizes
    • stimulates blood circulation
    • restores tension
    • improves flexibility
    • limits and regulates the secretion of sebum
    • relieves inflammation
    • brightens discoloration after acne
    Jojoba oil

    Contrary to its name, jojoba oil is not actually a fatty oil, but a liquid wax. It is a highly valued raw material due to its care values:

    • regulates the level of sebum
    • makes the skin soft and supple
    • maintains skin firmness and elasticity
    • accelerates the skin regeneration process
    • prevents water loss from the skin
    • it has no sticky consistency
    Shea Butter

    It is a thick fat obtained from the nuts of the African Butter Tree. Its beneficial effect on the skin results from its protective, nourishing and soothing properties.

    Caring effects of shea butter:
    • reduces wrinkles and improves skin tension
    • soothes irritations
    • is a natural sunscreen (SPF 5)
    • regenerates dry skin and hair, prevents water loss
    • reduces cellulite and stretch marks
    • accelerates the regeneration of damaged skin
    Lemon balm extract

    Lemon balm has a calming effect on dry and sensitive skin. Additionally , due to the presence of rosmarinic acid, it has a strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. For this reason, it is indicated for use by people who struggle with the problem of acne or other skin inflammations . Lemon balm has a soothing and calming effect on the skin , and at the same time perfectly cleanses it.

    olive oil

    It is a rich source of antioxidants, the presence of which gives the skin youth, vitality and protection. Thanks to its anti-free radical properties, it is a natural UV filter. Olive oil has a soothing and soothing effect, strengthens the natural resistance of the skin, eliminates its roughness.

    Rosehip extract
    Moisturizes, softens and smoothes the skin. The richness of vitamins, pectins, amino acids, and especially organic fruit acids makes cosmetics based on extracts of wild rose they act as a rejuvenating elixir on the skin. By stimulating the biosynthesis of ceramides, they increase their level in the epidermis and improve skin hydration.
    Grape seed oil

    Regardless of your skin type, the oil should be perfect. It can be used by people with combination, oily and acne skin, for dry, sensitive, vascular and mature skin.

    Grape seed oil:

    • shows high compatibility with the natural sebum of our skin
    • does not clog pores
    • moisturizes
    • regenerates
    • nourishes
    • soothes skin inflammation
    • has anti-aging properties
    • it is rich in antioxidants
    • protects, soothes and strengthens sensitive skin
    Silver particles - MICROSILVER BG
    • Effective against germs even in low concentrations - Pure physical production (no chemical processes).
    • It has a long-lasting effect on the skin: it not only eliminates existing bacteria and viruses, but also prevents their re-formation.
    • Thoroughly cleanses the skin.
    • The production of MicroSilver BG ™ follows a patented procedure.

    Dexpanthenol is a mild active substance with good tolerance. Suitable for all skin types. It plays an important role in maintaining the proper condition of the skin.

    • It shows good healing and moisturizing properties.
    • It belongs to the strong stimulants of cell renewal and growth, both of the epidermis and the dermis .
    • It has a soothing effect on itching and redness.
    • Soothes and cares for chapped or irritated skin.
    Salicylic acid

    The significant benefits of salicylic acid are its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is recommended for people with acne -prone skin and for anyone who wants to get rid of blackheads. With regular use, it cleans and tightens the pores.

    Salicylic acid in higher concentration has an exfoliating effect, so it improves the appearance and structure of the skin by removing the epidermis.


    Zinc is a valuable antioxidant that effectively protects the skin against the development of free radicals, which means that the aging process is slower.

    The mineral copes well with damage, accelerates wound healing.

    In addition, it reduces irritation and removes skin redness. It makes her color more even, and makes her radiant, smooth and radiant. Zinc is the key not only to fight acne, but also to a beautiful skin every day.

    Coenzyme Q10

    Coenzyme Q10 is a natural chemical compound found in all living organisms and a popular ingredient in anti-age cosmetics.

    • is responsible for skin regeneration
    • reduces free radicals
    • protects against the formation of wrinkles
    • accelerates wound healing
    • prevents hypoxia
    • regenerates the skin
    • improves firmness and elasticity
    Colloidal Gold - Nanogold

    Colloidal gold is widely used. It slows down the process of loss of collagen and elastin from the skin and thus slows down the aging process and shifts the moment of the appearance of the first wrinkles in time. What's more, nanogold stimulates the production of new collagen. Gold nanoparticles reach the deepest layers of the epidermis, which improves the effectiveness of active ingredients in the cosmetics used.

    Hyaluronic acid

    Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is the basic ingredient of many moisturizing cosmetics. Its hygroscopic properties (the ability to bind water molecules) effectively moisturize the skin and prevent water evaporation from its surface.

    HA will allow us first and foremost effectively moisturize and smooth the epidermis in this place, as well as strengthen the protective and defensive properties of the skin, which will make it more radiant, elastic and taut, and wrinkles less visible. It also helps to reduce discoloration and dark circles under the eyes.


    Thanks to its properties, the hexapeptide has become a substitute for the onerous botulinum toxin therapy.

    It is an anti-aging substance. It prevents premature skin aging and supports cell regeneration. In addition, it protects mature skin against the harmful effects of external factors and the effects of stress.

    Ultra Filling Spheres

    Ultra Filling Spheres can be imagined as small balls that combine with the moisture in the skin to add volume and thus reduce the depth of wrinkles. Ultra Filling Spheres use hydration from the lower layers of the skin, absorb it, enlarge it and thus smooth the skin from the inside.

    Ultra Filling Spheres particles increase their volume, thanks to which the skin is supported from the inside, wrinkles are filled and contours are firmed.

    Special care

    Effective skin cleansing

    One of the most important stages of the skin care ritual is thorough cleansing of the skin. This is the first and the most important stage that ensures the effective operation of the products applied one after anotherIn.

    Why is thorough skin cleansing so important?

    Cleaning your face the right way is the best recipe for beautiful and healthy skin. It should be remembered that it should be carried out systematically, twice a day, both in the morning and in the evening. Cleansing the skin allows you to get rid of makeup residue, excess sebum and any impurities accumulated on the surface of the skin - it is therefore nothing more than freeing it from anything that can clog pores and make it stop breathing.

    Improperly cleansed skin regenerates slower and is more difficult to exfoliate, which makes it gray and dull, and the preparations applied on it do not bring the expected effect.

    ZEITGARD Cleansing System - Deep skin cleansing at the touch of a button

    Facial cleansing with ZEITGARD 1 is the first step in effective and long-lasting anti-age care. The ZEITGARD 1 device with Microsilver technology and the matching facial cleansing cosmetics deeply cleanse the pores and optimally prepare the skin for further care steps. After doing a lot of testing, we chose the oscillation technology. This means that the brush moves a thousand times a minute from one side to the other. Imagine that the hand of your watch is constantly moving between 11 and 1 back and forth. It is similar with our toothbrush.

    The innovative ZEITGARD 1 is 10 times more effective than manual skin cleansing

    • Technological innovation
    • Compact, mobile and handy device
    • Universal, modern design (for him and her)
    • It looks like a professional device for beauty salons
    • Round End Fibers & Microsilver
    • It gives an immediate effect and is easy to use
    • Does not irritate the skin (compared to 360 degrees rotation) 100 movements back and forth / min.
    • It thoroughly relieves the skin of impurities
    • Perfectly prepares the skin for the application of the cream
    • Facilitates the penetration of active substances

    Match the facial cleansing system to your skin!

    Take advantage of Healthy Skin Concept

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