A step to your optimal health

Health and Homeostasis Concept

A step to your optimal health

What is the Concept of Health and Homeostasis?

  • Holistic approach to health according to Eastern medicine
  • Return to the ancient sources of herbal medicine
  • Detoxifying the body of toxins
  • Provision of nutrients to cells
  • Restoration of PH (acid-base) balance
  • "The intestines are our second brain"
  • Learning a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits
  • Contact with caregivers and free knowledge

What does the treatment look like?



In the twenty-first century nour organisms do not have it easy and face a lot of metabolic blockages. The causes are pprocessed foods, ubiquitous sugar, drugs and antibiotics, nutritional decline in meat, vegetables and fruit, increased environmental pollution, sedentary lifestyle, more and more stress ...

Effect: metabolic disorders, polluted, acidified, hypoxic, malnourished and fatty organism. Disrupted metabolism leads to a wide variety of diseases in the body.

The cleansing and de-acidification of the intercellular space "facilitates the path of nutrients to the cells. The so-called self-healing capacity is activated. " "Only when the cause of the disease is removed, is treatment possible. If only the symptom is treated, it leads to a chronic disease of metabolism "- Dr. med. Jean-Bernard Delbe.



During the period of intensive cleansing and de-acidification of the body, the cells must also be nourished with the necessary micronutrients. The toxins and deposits in the body that blocked them slowly disappear and make room for vitamins, minerals and trace elements, the so-called catalysts. Thanks to the use of our probiotic therapy, the intestines function better and reach the cells from the intestines to a greater extent. Only then is it possible to self-regenerate the body and, consequently, even get rid of the cause of the disease.

Our body gives symptoms and alarms all the time. It is a mistake to think that we do not need vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Moreover, like prof. Ożarowski alarmed, nowadays we are " doomed to supplementation " and we guarantee that in our treatment every zloty will be worth your health and well-being.



Dr hab. William H. Hay: "Acid build-up, poisoning the body, is the cause of all disease."



WHO: "Aloe is the most biologically active plant." It is a plant that can be used almost anywhere in our body.



Dr. Delbe: "You are what you absorb." Only what will be absorbed by the intestines enables further supply of cells. The best quality food will do nothing if it is not absorbed.



Our body has 70 trillion cells. It needs 90 nutrients to function properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is the treatment?

The effectiveness is confirmed by subsequent recommendations, thanks to which the customer community is growing, as well as our team. However, efficiency is not always about quality.

"Made in Germany" stands for high quality. LR has 28 patent pending products thanks to the unique combination of the active ingredients contained in the Aloe Vera gel and various bio-extracts.

As the only one on the market, it has the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS Certificate for its aloe gels and for the Colostrum young. This certificate guarantees the highest quality at every production stage and it is one of the most difficult certificates to obtain in the world. Any reduction in the quality of the product by the manufacturer and suppliers automatically closes the possibility of continuing the certification for life.

The FRESENIUS Institute has 2,600 offices and laboratories around the world and is a leading provider of laboratory analyzes.

Where do we buy treatment products from?

We buy products for our treatment directly from the manufacturer, from one of the best producers of dietary supplements, a company with 35 years of experience on the market.

Business LR it is the only one with a unique Fresenius certificate for its flagship products - aloe vera gel and Colostrum (bovine colostrum). It also has other patents and certificates for many of its products, cooperates with research institutions, which makes it a pioneer in the field of R&D.

What is the treatment?

The treatment is the full application of homeostasis, i.e. restoring the body's balance. Application 4 x O - cleaning, deacidification, nutrition and degreasing of visceral fat. Degreasing is a consequence of the remaining 3 O and is not necessary if the degreasing level of the internal organs was measurable on the analyzer and is at a good level.

What are the costs and what do I pay for?

The standard treatment lasts 1 month and it is a reasonable, unchanging fee of PLN 700 in relation to the quality we offer. It can be stolen up to PLN 600 depending on the method of payment and even more if the company offers the promotion of its products.

Sometimes it may happen that the treatment must be extended to 3 months if the body is very exhausted or struggles with disease. Then we try to find the optimal solution for our clients.

Who is Doctor Delbe?

Dr. med. Jean-Bernard Delbe is a German physician with over 30 years of experience as a practicing physician.

For over 16 years he has lectured throughout Europe and Asia. Half a million people got acquainted with his concept of preventive health. He is an independent doctor who uses LR products and supplements in his practice.



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Health & Homeostasis Concept

Clients testimonials

"The treatment according to Dr. Delbe helped me improve my health a lot. For years I ate fast food, smoked cigarettes and my body started to fail. I had neurosis and acidosis. It was not easy, the treatment lasted almost 3 months. I had moments of doubt, but, unfortunately, repairing a broken one is not easy. I am a slim person from the outside and I did not know that it was sterile. After the treatment I got colors;), I feel great and do not have depression. First of all, I already know how to live a healthy life. or age. Each of us needs to clean up the body. "

Janina Kuszer, 47 years old

"I feel much better after the treatment. I struggled with many problems of the cardiovascular and cardiovascular systems. Years of hard work unfortunately did their job, and the stress is still with me. At the beginning I was skeptical, there are many miracles on the market, but I was convinced by the community. There are many people here who have benefited from the treatment, are satisfied and have gained health. In my case, the results of blood tests and the discontinuation of half of the drugs speak for themselves. I will continue to recommend it to my friends. "

Radosław Kępa, 61 years old.

"The treatment works almost miracles. And I'm not exaggerating. The products are of the highest quality, incomparable to those from pharmacies or stores, and each of them is a multi-talent. They work and harmonize perfectly with each other. I watched the video about each of the products and I had to try the treatment on my own. The basics of the functioning of the body and the elimination of the cause of the disease is the main foundation of the treatment according to Dr. Delbe. For me, I can say that some diseases have regressed, it is a pity not to pass this knowledge on. "

Elżbieta Gałek, 52 years old

"I had a large carcass in the abdominal area and it turned out that huge visceral fat 27. At the same time also a very high risk of heart attack, stroke and arteriosclerosis. My neighbor recommended me drinking aloe vera, I felt better and my wife asked for details. My adventure with LR products continues. I haven't stopped taking all medications, but it will also take time to repair my health. I'm not young anymore and I regret that my wife and I met LR products so late. "

Józef Kaliszewski, 72 years old

"I work a lot, have a demanding position and therefore a lot of stress. I eat healthy and try to exercise regularly, but I have never used supplements. I did not know that they had such an impact. I imagine that it is an effect of quality and synergy with each other. Acidification of the body was a discovery for me. I am glad that I got to know the concept and I can help my family. During the treatment I lost a few extra kilos. "

Agnieszka Jaśko, 33 years old

"Our mission is to take care of health in a comprehensive way."