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INCOME DIVERSIFICATION - When is it worth for?

full-time job


Working full-time gives a sense of stability and the so-called peace of mind. With time, you even earn better and better and you can afford more.


You are always just an employee and you can be replaced easily. Salary always hits a ceiling, and the market has a limited number of jobs. It's hard to find a satisfying human environment, you have to work with people you don't have common language with. You develop and take care of someone else's business, sacrificing min. 1/3 of the time of your life. You have no influence on your working hours, you have to do yours. You are at the mercy of the boss and the annual assessment, and retirement is the specter of a famine.

Therefore, it is wise to have an additional source of income in addition to a full-time job.



Having your own business is a cool thing. You are your boss, you manage your own time and you have a real influence on what you go to the world with.


It is a very demanding task. Not only do you have to be a "specialist in everything", but also know the legal and tax regulations well. Most of the company's income depends on your time or resources. You have to acquire customers all the time or deal with them 24 hours a day. Costs are inevitable and the risks are enormous. Most companies are not successful. Economic and lockdown crises only reinforce the belief that most types of businesses are unstable.

Therefore, it is worth building or consolidating an alternative to your current business.

PASSIVE INCOME - How is it possible?


" If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you'll be working until you die ," said Warren Buffet. Following this scheme, it is worth thinking or looking for opportunities to use your potential or market trend to make money work for us . There are many ways to achieve this.

If you have the knowledge and skills, you can:

  • set up a blog, YT channel, run a podcast or a profiled account on social media and earn money on affiliation or cooperation,
  • write a book, e-book, create a game, app, online course, and sell again and again.

If you have the capital and an idea, you can:

  • buy real estate or a plot of land and sublet for rent or advertising on your property,
  • create a thriving business and sell a franchise license.

If you have neither the knowledge nor the capital, you can:

  • build a stable MLM business (not to be confused with a financial pyramid) and earn a commission from the turnover of your structure,
  • do what you love or are good at and never have to work.

MLM - 21st century business for everyone

Multi Level Marketing, or Network Marketing, is a legal business model with over 150 years of history. It is called the business of the 21st century by many experts - due to its availability, scalability, transparency and added value.

By many people mistakenly mistaken for financial pyramids, MLM brilliantly fits the current trend of the Internet and e-commerce. This is the only business model where there are no bosses or employees, and the individual only benefits from distributing product information and helping others to do so.

It is also the only business in which you do not need capital, specialist knowledge and experience. No risk, no liability or no cost. Too good to be true?

From the producer's point of view, it is the only distribution model that does not generate costs and builds consumer loyalty. Billionaires Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Donald Trump have spoken favorably about the MLM industry for many years and are also investing in network marketing companies.

(Above an excerpt from one of the interviews from David Letterman's famous talk show with Donald Trump)


In our activities, we focus on what is most important in the life of each of us. Without health, there is nothing, and therefore it is our greatest gift. Appearance and well-being are important considerations for feeling good in your body and with yourself. Apparently money is not important, yet it makes life easier. And time. In today's world, so precious and so desirable. The combination of all these spheres gives us the realization of dreams and passions and fulfillment in life.

Our team works on the basis of proven projects and a duplication system, guaranteeing success to anyone who is fully committed to their capabilities. Our leaders support and share their experience at every stage of cooperation. Promote 1 of 4 of our proven projects or all of them at once:

  • Concept of Health and Homeostasis (KZH)
  • The concept of a healthy figure (KZS)
  • Healthy Skin Concept (KZC)
  • Healthy Finance Concept (SFC)


Become our ambassador, recommend when and how you want, earn money and enjoy the regained time.


HEALTH AND BEAUTY is currently the largest part of the market!

Product quality is extremely important in the recommendation business. Nobody wants to recommend nondescript things, and naturally people recommend products and services from people who have worked or liked them. Word of mouth has been proven to be the most effective form of advertising.

As a rule, it is women who recommend the most (which is understandable), and most often these are products that are easy to buy and sell quickly: beauty and increasingly health-related.

So, unlike other MLM companies, there is still a bigger cake to cut;)

    The company our team works with is the over 36-year-old German company LR Health & Beauty.

    We chose LR not without a coincidence, because the company puts quality first. Here are the facts:

    • it is a producer itself and has its own R&D laboratories
    • cooperates with independent scientists, doctors and experts
    • has independent and reputable certificates of the highest quality, e.g. Fresenius and Dermatest Institute
    • uses natural ingredients and focuses on the multitasking and effectiveness of the products
    • belongs to the prestigious association of premium brands VKE Kosmetikverband.

    Mutual benefits

    It works on a very simple principle.

    1. There is one online store of the manufacturer LR Health & Beauty. Everyone who enters the store gains access to unique products and immediately gets a lifetime discount of approx. 30%. Access by recommendation only.

    2. A satisfied customer recommends the LR store, gets a bonus for next purchases and can count on a commission on the turnover of the entire structure that he initiates.

    3. Thus, LR does not have to spend approx. 50% of the margin for people in structures (according to statistics, 10% of consumers achieve lifetime commissions of min. PLN 10,000 / month

    As a registered partner you have acess to the official store



    Choose the benefits package that interests you and we will help you from the beginning:

    A. BIG BUSINESS - With us you can develop and fulfill yourself as a manager of a large team and thus receive a permanent unlimited commission and your own Mercedes.

    B. SMALL BUSINESS - Promote the project and provide other income opportunities and access to great products, which will give you additional income.

    C. ONLINE SHOPPING - You don't have to promote anything, you don't have to earn, you don't have to buy. You can save 30% on purchases and use the bonus on your next purchases.

    And everyone will certainly benefit from HEALTH!


    The Life Responsible project opens the door to many successes and financial independence . With us you can decide how, where and when you want to work.

    When you join our team, you will receive:

    • permanent access to all necessary materials and training in any form (pdf, video, multimedia presentations, graphics, websites, webinars)
    • ready action plans and developed marketing strategies
    • support of all team members
    • the possibility of trips to conferences, galas, events, integration meetings and training
    • invitations to lectures and training webinars on-line and in-house
    • a large dose of knowledge and inspiration.

    However, there will be no miracles if you do nothing. Act and time will work in your favor .


    Be part of our project, promote health, be a mentor and inspiration for others, and you can reap unlimited financial benefits at the same time.

    Join the team of great people working on their stable passive income!